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3 reasons I love lifestyle photography

Lifestyle photography is about capturing and finding the artistic beauty of real-life situations, events, and milestones. It's about capturing the emotion and the small intimate details that you would normally not think of or take for granted. It's about telling YOUR beautiful, unique story.

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California Coast & Beyond

I'm a military spouse and currently stationed in Los, Angeles CA, but I love to travel! Just say the word and I'm there! I have always had the heart for adventure and always try to find the best deal when it comes to travel.

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behind the camera lens

Welcome friend, my name is Jamie

I'm a mama of 3 and live in beautiful Southern California. Lifestyle photography has been a passion of mine and derived from a need to capture every moment of life. From "I Do" to growing bellies, and little toes in the sand, I love to be who you choose to capture those precious moments to look back on.

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Samantha Naves Elder

Jamie is so ah-mazing to work with! She is perfect for family sessions and anything involving small kiddos as she is so patient and kind...and her photos are always stunning!