On the spectrum of "traditional posed shots" to "photojournalistic" wedding day coverage, my style falls somewhere in the middle — I call it "semi-posed creative moments." I basically work with my clients to make moments happen, and then capture them as naturally as possible.Of course, lifestyle shoots are not usually the first thought when it comes to engagement photos — or really any portraits sessions. But here are six reasons why I encourage my clients to consider lifestyle engagement photos…

Lifestyle photography is about the little details

Each couple is different, their story is unique, and so my lifestyle photo shoot approach helps reflects that. My goal is to capture real moments: The moments in between all of the hustle and bustle of the wedding. Or the laughter over a shared joke. And the quiet moments of contemplation before becoming united with your partner.

They are good practice for the wedding day

If either person has any nervousness about being in front of the camera, a portrait shoot — especially a lifestyle session — is a great way to get some practice in a low stress setting. You'll get experience taking cues from the photographer, learning what exactly happens in a portrait session, and generally getting the fear of the unknown out of the way.

It can be super-nice to have some professional photos that aren't in wedding clothes

You'll have some great images to put up around your house, without making it feel like a wedding shrine. You can use the photos for Thank You's, Save the Dates, your wedding website, or whatever you please.

A lifestyle session is an opportunity to get photos of you doing something you love together

Whether it's cooking, having a musical jam session, playing board games, chilling with your pets, or having coffee in bed. Lifestyle sessions let you capture really authentic, intimate moments. And for those of you that are uncomfortable in front of the camera, taking photos on your own turf, while doing something you like (instead of awkwardly posing in a field) can be much easier.

If you want a lifestyle photographer for your wedding

It's important to make sure you like them — it's much easier to be natural on camera and not feel awkward if you can vibe with the person behind the camera.

During my consultations, I tell all potential clients that they should choose a photographer not just on their style or budget, but also on whether or not they like them on a personal level. Since I'm spending all day with them — and will arguably be around them more than their own family on their wedding day — I want my clients to feel comfortable.