What is a non-refundable retainer?

A non-refundable retiner reserves your date and time in my calendar and goes toward the total session fee.

How long does it take to receive my images?

I estimate approximately 3 weeks to receive your images, but I always try to finish ahead of time.

Do you pose us?

Of course! I love helping my clients and will help put you in a position or pose that looks natural and conftorable.

What if I want all the images in my gallery?!

YAY! I would be thrilled if you like all your images! If you would like to purchase your entire gallery I have an option to upgrade.

What is a print release?

A print release means you have the right to print your images for personal use. I, the photographer, give you, my client, the right and ability to print the photos that I give you in digital format for personal use such as sharing on social media and printing them out!

Do we pick the location or do you?

I love to shoot all over the west coast and know some beautiful spots that I can suggest, but I also love when my clients come to me with location spots too!