Using photography for your brand

why photography is important to your business

The first impressions usually last and the power of visual communication has never been higher than it is right now. This can be attributed to the advancement in technology and the extensive use of the internet in people’s day to day lives. A normal web article containing photos gets almost twice as many views as one with no photos. This is because people love what is good for the eye first before they look at its importance and details. Given that marketing has evolved to the online platform, this fact speaks volumes to the importance of photography in marketing.  In this post.

Good Photography commands the attention of customers

No matter how great your product or the service that you offer is, without impressive imagery that communicates, potential customers are more likely to ignore the product. Images of very high quality that are relevant to whatever you are marketing capture the imagination of the customer better. The eyes will look for what is more attractive first and good photos offer just that.

In addition to getting the attention of your customers, good photos help you keep their attention.

Establishing your brand identity

There is no better way of communicating about your brand faster than by use of photos. It is important to work with a creative director who knows your company better and understand best how your company is supposed to be perceived. You photographer can then use this knowledge and information to capture the right photos that will create the right mood for your audience.

Your choice of a photographer is also crucial. People will not come to a website to see the same images over and over again. This implies that there needs to be consistency in photography to give the visitors something new when they come back without distorting the identity of your brand. The photos have to be unique to avoid the customers devaluing your products or services.


Photos have a way of sparking emotions and emotions play a great role in determining the purchases people make. The use of impressive photos that easily provoke one’s emotions can greatly help improve your sales by driving positive emotional responses about your brand and products/ services in the customer.


How your photos look will determine whether you will be drawing people in or deterring them. When people see images of good quality that are unique and that they can relate with easily, they are more likely to visit the site and explore more. This is because the excellence in the photography and the good quality of the photos creates the impression in them that the products or the services they are going to receive are equally excellent in quality. With that, they get the assurance of getting value for their money.


Social media has become a very strong and powerful tool for marketing. At any given moment, there are hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people all around the world active in at least one of the many social media networks. One characteristic of all these social media platforms is that they are image-led. While it is old news that these platforms play an important role in marketing, how to use photography to maximize the use of these platforms is something worth talking about.

With the millions of images being shared on these platforms, it is important that your brand photography be excellent. Your images should stand out from the rest and capture the attention of your target audience. Basically, photography helps you utilize the social media platforms excellently for marketing.


Given that the brain can only process limited information at any given time, you can use images to make the customers understand your products faster. Compared to other forms of data, the brain processes image data much faster. With the quickened understanding, the customers can easily get and appreciate the brand message.

Customer engagement is very crucial in marketing. Research using Facebook and Twitter data has shown that posts containing images generate more engagement and retweets compared to those without.


As stated earlier, photos have a way of influencing a person’s emotional response – a positive one for that matter. These emotions compel them to take action and purchase the product or service that you are offering. Images of high quality usually help consumers picture themselves using the product or experiencing the service you offer. This is what motivates them to purchase the products or services. 

Photographs have proven to be quite important in marketing. But it is important to take note of the fact that it’s not just any photo that will positively influence your sales. The photos have to be unique, of high quality and, most importantly, they should tell a relevant story. You, therefore, need to be intentional with your marketing and invest in quality photography that will result in positive return on your marketing investments.