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It all started with an idea.

Isn't that how it always starts?

To be honest it was an incredibly selfish idea that I had and R E A L L Y wanted to bring it to life. With us being a military family I always want to showcase the things we love and capture that, in whatever location we are in. Does it always happen? No. Do my ideas always come together? Also no. BUT with my oldest graduating Kindergarten I wanted it all for him. The cap, the gown, the excitement of celebrating his first ever school year.

To preface we homeschool and do a hybrid "school" and I wanted it to be a little extra special for him AND for all the other moms and dads who did this program with us. We deserve to have cute graduation pictures of our kids and I knew I could deliver on that. I also wanted something memorable that was a little more specific to our location.

- Thus the vision of them all in cute little graduation robes on top of the lifeguard station came to mind. -