You only turn 30 once!!!

Tonight was what my soul needed! Moving to a new location is not always easy. Meeting new people is always hard! I am more than fortunate to have met Codi when I moved here and it was all because of our shared love of photography! Tonight I was invited by our now shared from Amanda who wanted to do something special for Codi and shower her with some much-needed love! It's not every day you turn 30!!!

SO Amanda told me when, where, and to be ready with a camera in hand to take some pics of our dear friend Codi! I had no idea we would be having a beautiful picnic, on the side of the California Coast! Did I tell you we also painted the sunset?! Like COMMON GUYS!

We dined, we sipped on champagne, laughed until we cried a little and as the sun started to set, we all just took a moment to appreciate one another and the start of such a beautiful friendship.


I hope you had one amazing day! I for sure feel SO freaking spoiled to have been part of it!