We Haven't...

Can I just stop right there and say those two words are music to my ears? Like, I LOVE when families come to me and tell me "We haven't had a chance to take professional pictures." The fact that I get the opportunity to set the bar (just kidding) is pretty flipping special! Ok back to them! ( also I warned you I am NOT a blogger so... 🤷🏼‍♀️


Kelly (mom) is one of the most naturally beautiful women I know and when she reached out to me to take her FIRST family pictures I couldn’t wait! Her session was literally in the middle of the day. Around 11:00 am ( NOT a typical session time for me). She was worried about the sun because in true 5-month fashion her little one slept in and we missed sunrise golden hour. I also have to interject NEVER wake a sleeping baby... you gain 7 years of bad luck with that one... believe me.

I told Kelly we were changing locations and we were going to go under the Pier. Kelly not totally convinced went along and borrowed a few dresses from my client close and looked absolutely gorgeous!

Fast forward to the first location... PACKED... who scheduled a triathlon on my session day?! RUDE!!! (humor bar with me).

The second location was perfect! We found parking right away and immediately headed to the beach!

And then magic....

Idk if I said this but they were a dream, the beach was packed and you wouldn't have even noticed in the pictures because they were so in the moment and willing to just soak it all in.

I literally dream of clients like them.